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Shayan Sanat clutch manufacturing company started its business since 1998 for manufacturing disc & clutch cover kits for automobiles, started cooperation with Saipa (Megamotor) in 1999 and Iran Khodro (Sapco) in 2002, and it continues.
Currently, It supplies a large amount of clutch kits for the inner car manufacturer’s production line (OEM) and also aftermarket (OES). Creating advanced R&D unit using the latest design and software techniques, the company can design and build the production lines for a variety of clutch sets, also, establish a unique laboratory in the field of testing the clutch life & functions is capable of continuous product quality improvement. 
It is worth noting that production of car discs and clutch plate conforms to international standards and becoming an industrial model in Iran concerning the rights of domestic and foreign stakeholders to provide complete customer satisfaction in terms of cost and quality, is the mission's vision of this organization. ​​​​​​​


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ShayanSanat Clutch Manufacturing Co
​​​​​​​Manufacturer of disc & cover clutch kits
For the production line and post-contract services of car manufacturers​​​​​​​

+98 21 44195001-2​​​​​​​

No. 5 & 7, 6th street, 52nd boulevard, 15th kilometer of the special Karaj road, Tehran, Iran.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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