We believe that:

The stability secret of the company is its customers firstly, and then its attention to environmental issues. Our company follows the inner productions with the highest quality and global standards. We consider our customers and our society as our shareholders and take their requirements as our main duty:

1. Our experienced and obligated personnel guarantee the company product quality and causes to develop better products while the growth of the company education occurs.
2. The very first goal of the company is improving personnel education, and then is the attention to the research & development.
3. Constant improvements are a prerequisite for contemporary businesses and we take that as one of the essential values in our organizational process.
4. Reaching nearly zero defect products is our true aim and so improving the quality of the products are always under control.

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ShayanSanat Clutch Manufacturing Co
​​​​​​​Manufacturer of disc & cover clutch kits
For the production line and post-contract services of car manufacturers​​​​​​​

+98 21 44195001-2​​​​​​​

No. 5 & 7, 6th street, 52nd boulevard, 15th kilometer of the special Karaj road, Tehran, Iran.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Shayan Sanat