Shayan Sanat Clutch Manufacturing Company laboratory is one of the most updated standard units for testing the life and the function of clutch kits in the world already. The laboratory has the confirmation method from SAPCO company and could be able to validate the design tests. The clutch kits are confirmed by the standard valid companies such as IKCO, SAIPA, LuK (Germany), KES (Korea Republic) & JASO (Japan).
Shayan Sanat Company laboratory has been honored to get the National Standard Colleague Laboratory (ISIRI) in 2013 and could be able to do all the clutch kit general tests. The special tests for imported clutch kits are also running by the personnel of the laboratory under ISIRI 6347 – ISIRI 6348 standards.

The laboratory equipment is as below:

  • Hardness based on Rockwell, Brinell & Vickers test

  • Moment of inertia measurement test

  • Roughness measurement test

  • Density measurement test

  • Clutch cover static life test (press)

  • Clutch cover dynamic life test (press-rotation)

  • Strap plate bend test

  • Clutch cover durability test

  • Diaphragm spring thermal stability test

  • Diaphragm spring force measurement test

  • Clutch cover balance test

  • Clutch cover final test

  • Clutch disc damper durability test

  • Clutch disc torque test

  • Clutch disc fatigue test

  • Clutch disc durability test

  • Clutch disc sub & disc plate fatigue life test

  • Coil springs fatigue test

  • Clutch disc torsional rivet test

  • Clutch disc thermal deformation test

  • Clutch pedal force test

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