Shayan Sanat Clutch Manufacturing Engineering & Research and development, relying on the expertise of experienced experts and specialists, has the ability to design and analyze software for all types of clutch assemblies using the following new methods:

  • Designing (AutoCAD, Catia, Solidworks)

  • ​​​​​​​Analysis with ABAQUS software (Static analysis on clutch parts, Temperature analysis in real conditions)

  • Rupture & Failure analysis of metal sheets before die manufacturing with use of AutoForm software

  • Clutch kit design with respect to engine & gearbox info’s with help of MATLAB & Simulink software

  • Diaphragm & helix spring design with the help of written codes on related software

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Engineering & R&D ​​​​​​​


Shayan Industrial Group has achieved the self-sufficiency employing experienced personnel in some topics as follow:


  • Converting our customer demands to technical parameters and improving the quality of the products constantly

  • Product & process design with the help of simulator software’s

  • Validation of our design output with applying fixture and controlling tools during production in an equipped laboratory

  • Design and production of separated parts considering the effect of them on the final product

  • Design and production of required punch & matrix pressing dies in the production process

  • Simulation and analysis of product parts and effect of them on the function of the final product

  • Ability to product all metal parts

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ShayanSanat Clutch Manufacturing Co
​​​​​​​Manufacturer of disc & cover clutch kits
For the production line and post-contract services of car manufacturers​​​​​​​

+98 21 44195001-2​​​​​​​

No. 5 & 7, 6th street, 52nd boulevard, 15th kilometer of the special Karaj road, Tehran, Iran.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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