Self-Sufficiency in manufacturing required laboratory and production line equipment:

  • Finger Run-Out (FR) machine

  • Final clutch cover test machine

  • Checking and controlling fixtures

Ability of design and manufacture industrial dies 

Employing modern equipment for part production

Shayan Sanat Company engineering unit uses 3D prints for checking the measure and overall form of the designed parts.​​​​​​​

Self-Sufficiency in manufacturing pressure plates: main machines in production line

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ShayanSanat Clutch Manufacturing Co
​​​​​​​Manufacturer of disc & cover clutch kits
For the production line and post-contract services of car manufacturers​​​​​​​

+98 21 44195001-2​​​​​​​

No. 5 & 7, 6th street, 52nd boulevard, 15th kilometer of the special Karaj road, Tehran, Iran.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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